Welcome to Unicorn House

Unicorn House is a digital marketing agency specializing in creative strategy. 

Unicorn House is about more than just being present in the marketplace, it’s about intentional, goal-oriented strategy that produces real results you can see in your business. 

We take the time to understand your business and who your ideal clients are, before crafting and implementing your unique plan and tactics. Every recommendation we make will be based on the best way to leverage your marketing budget, with appropriate timelines and milestone markers to keep the course.

Meet the Unicorn

Hi! I’m Chloé, and I’m SO happy you’re here!

I’ve worked with clients in almost every industry, on projects and events of every size. After spending the first part of my career at leading marketing and public relations agencies, I found myself frustrated by antiquated systems that prioritized quantity over quality and wondered if I even wanted to be a marketer anymore. Ultimately, I wanted to provide more strategy and creativity to my clients on a higher-level scale. So, I set out to do just that.

In the marketing world, a unicorn is a person who can basically do it all. Early in my career, my colleagues affectionately labeled me a unicorn. That label stuck and quickly became a ‘thing’ with co-workers, friends, and employers gifting me unicorn swag of all kinds. I embraced this quirky representation of my passions for marketing, and it became the source of inspiration for my next professional endeavor. 

I love helping business owners realize the potential and possibilities at hand, and more than anything I love seeing the success that comes with smart strategy and beautiful implementation. If you’re ready to make your business dreams a reality, I’m here to help! Connect with me today to learn more.

Behind the Marketer

I was born in Texas but grew up on the Northshore of New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, my family moved to Oklahoma for new opportunities and less hurricanes. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2014 with a BA in Strategic Communications and a minor in Leadership. 

I currently reside in Oklahoma City with my two dogs, Khaleesi and Keena. In my free time I enjoy making memories with my amazing family and friends, painting, hiking and planning my next travel adventure.

Start Your Journey

What does your business need to succeed? You may already have a good idea, but we promise we have a few more.  We’re here to help – so what are you waiting for?